Creating Harmony in the Workplace – Personal Accountability

Workshop Overview

Our most requested workshop! A 1 or 2 day workshop working directly with your staff, we will assist you in getting “back on track” so that everyone can stay Positive, Productive and Accountable…No Matter What!

Skills To Gain

  • Assume total responsibility for ones own behavior and attitudes
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Turn negative events into opportunities for learning and growth
  • Work cooperatively in teams, leaving personal agendas behind
  • Reduce professional and staff “burn out”

Workshop Details

This staff development training will help your workplace focus on what’s really important by reducing or eliminating gossiping criticism, judging, finger pointing, drama and the blame mentality. Our training approach is positive, hands on, action-oriented, interactive, practical and challenging, with a commitment that your workplace will see positive results immediately following this workshop. This important training is one of the most exciting, accessible, adaptable concepts available today that you literally transform your organization…and your entire life. We can work with up to 60 people in one setting and can also customize this workshop to address the specific needs of your organization.

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“It inspired me to be more positive”

“We have joined together as never before”

“Helped remind me to treat my colleagues as I would want to be treated”

“This is the first workshop I have fully attended AND enjoyed”

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