Lead by Example Leadership Series – Handling Adversity

Workshop Overview

A 1/2 or full day workshop to discuss fear in the workplace. We will teach leaders how to counteract fear and adversity in the workplace by building on their own courage and that of their staff.

Skills To Gain

  • Learn about the 3 different types of courage and when (and how) to use each
  • Gain insight into your own “courage history” so you can use your past to strengthen your future
  • Understand the impact fear has on a personal organizational performance
  • Learn about two distinct ways of leading, and approaches for inspiring more courageous behaviors among the people with whom you work
  • Develop and action plan for extending the value of the workshop
  • Step up to challenges more readily, embrace change more fully, and speak up more asserively

Workshop Details

Courage is the first virtue of leadership success. Leaders require courage to make bold decisions even when there are dissenters, to say what needs to be said no matter the consequences  and to place their trust in those they manage. The Courageous Leadership workshop introduces a new organizational development practice called courage-building. This leadership development training is commonly combined with other of our leadership workshops. We can work with up to 40 people in one setting and can customize this workshop to address the specific needs of your organization.

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“It inspired me to be more positive”

“We have joined together as never before”

“Helped remind me to treat my colleagues as I would want to be treated”

“This is the first workshop I have fully attended AND enjoyed”

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