Working with High Risk Kids

Workshop Overview

Designed for adults that interact, lead or mentor “High Risk” Native youth. We discuss and explain why they really are “High Risk”, how to identify it earlier and what can be done to address this issue and begin resolving it in your community.

Skills To Gain

  • Learn effective strategies for helping High Risk Kids
  • Understand why kids become so angry and self destructive
  • Approaches to help youth break the negative cycles
  • Communicate with more effectiveness and empathy
  • Identify why some programs work and others do not
  • Confirm, with science and logic, why traditions and culture matter
  • 18 Credit Hours

Workshop Details

A culturally sensitive 3 day workshop built on the idea that “it takes a village to raise a child”. Working with the research done by the Child Trauma Academy* and Dr. Bruce Perry*, we identify who are High Risk Kids and address how unresolved historical and generational issues are impacting them. Also discover what we can all do to help them truly find hope for their future. Our training approach is positive, hands on, action-oriented, interactive, practical and challenging.

You can begin using the ideas, concepts and actions shared at this workshop immediately and will notice changes in behavior in your community right away.

  • “How do I get everyone in my family to attend?”
  • “Everyone who is a parent or works with kids should attend this workshop”
  • “Why couldn’t my parents have taken this training”
  • “I finally know how to get through and make a difference”
  • “This workshop helped me more than I ever thought it would”
  • “I wish I would have done this training several years ago”
  • “Life Changing”
  • “Now I know why some activities for youth work and others don’t”
  • ” I really feel like now I can help these kids in my community!”

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Common Questions

*While much of the information and research used for this workshop is done under the permission of the Child Trauma Academy and/or Dr. Bruce Perry, Recovery Foundation is not affiliated with the Child Trauma Academy and/or Dr. Bruce Perry.

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