Take Charge Workshop

Workshop Overview

This 1 or 2 day workshop for teachers, school staff or anyone who works with youth, discusses how to raise a child’s own level of personal responsibility. With this practical and exciting concept youth mentors will learn how to transform at-risk behaviors into responsible actions and attitudes.

Skills To Gain

  • Build self confidence, character and resiliency in any situation
  • Mitigate student dropout and reduce the “bully mentality”
  • Create a greater atmosphere of personal responsibility and academic success
  • Improve teacher-student as well as teacher-teacher relationships
  • Available in a Middle School, High School or College age format

Workshop Details

Designed to help students and youth, ages 12-21, succeed by boosting retention, graduation, personal responsibility and academic excellence. Simply put, Take Charge is the Creating Harmony workshop transformed to work with youth. Participants attending this workshop will first work through the material and concepts on how to raise their own level of personal accountability and then be taught how to present this model to the youth in their life. Curriculum can either be delivered to the adults or directly to the youth.

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“It inspired me to be more positive”

“We have joined together as never before”

“Helped remind me to treat my colleagues as I would want to be treated”

“This is the first workshop I have fully attended AND enjoyed”

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