Creating Harmony in the Workplace – Team Building

Workshop Overview

The follow up to our most popular workshop, this highly charged team building workshop will build on the success and concepts of the first workshop to help your workplace take it to the next level.

Skills To Gain

  • New tools to escape the “Blame Cycle”
  • Gain a positive organizational awareness
  • Becoming more open to delivering and accepting difficult messages
  • Increase your understanding of others point of view
  • Creating personal and team action plans

Workshop Details

In this second workshop, we refresh the concepts of the first Creating Harmony workshop, to bring those that are new to the organization up to date with the terminology and concepts and to remind others what they had learned before. With our goal of reducing or eliminating gossiping criticism, judging, finger pointing, drama and the blame mentality we then build on this knowledge to take your team to the next level of accountability and team synergy. We can work with up to 60 people in one setting and can also customize this workshop to address the specific needs of your organization.

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“I feel more open to communicate”

“Awesomegreat tools to help our office work together in harmony and cooperation”

“I learned to stop blaming others and to take a look at myself”

“When you know better, you do better”

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